This is my favourite CCM※ since February 2006. I have finally found the lyrics in the end of 2006.  Actually it is always in the song book of my church and I have taken one picture of it before and pity it is blur  This morning I took my camera and capture this song (lyrics). I would like to post it on my blog so I can sing it whenever I surf internet or my blog. Or I may memorise whole lyrics after few practices then can sing wherever I am.


Jesus Christ, in very nature God
Did not grasp hold of His place on the throne
But took on the nature of a servant
Made Himself nothing, born as a man

Being found in appearance as a man
He was obedient to death on a cross
There He died, God the Son, the maker
A humble servant, showing the way

Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place
And gave Him the name above all names
So that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow
In heaven and on earth and under the earth
And every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord
To the glory of God the Father

※ CCM = Contemporary Christian Music   現代基督徒(教)福音歌曲

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