Few weeks ago, T and I and Felix went to Rozelle market. To be honest, I am not really interesting in these market unless it is farmers' market  or food market. (Well, it is useful...I don't like just "looking" without buying and it is easy to make decision on buying food) But it is a shame that Felix was poo in the middle of pathway Anyway, after that we went to a second hand shop (again, I am not interested in that) but found a nice old book ----Sydney's Picnic Spots

    You might have thought about what happened next...yeah, we have decided to visit every spot which is listed in the book!!!!!! I was busy the whole week with work and so was he. Therefore we have decided to start from this weekend to visit the first spot but not too far. I chose Kissing Point Park to be our destination today. It is close to my place with waterview ( I like it). We had some good time there and a dirty dog back

    But God wants me and him to have some homework, we had argument on the way back  Lucky we solved the problem.  Thanks God and T! We need a stand of the camera! Otherwise we can never have a picther all together We were planning to have a kissing photo at Kissing Point but NO! Can't make it! Sigh......
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Next destination?

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